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Product Description
The latest generation 1.6 turbocharged Renault Clio features a side mounted intercooler from the factory that is both in the wrong location and too small for the standard car, let alone cars that have been ECU tuned. The Renault solution for the Clio Cup cars was to retrofit the entire grid with water spray cooling for the core, but still this was inadequate on the track after a few laps. Given a 15°C day, the typical temperature for the Renault core is over and above 50°C, where our core maintained temperatures between 15 and 20°C cooler.

Due to the location of the standard core and the routing of the air conditioning pipes, going any larger is impossible in the stock location without making major changes. Our solution was a front mounted intercooler that utilises the lower open grille in the bumper, ensuring a good supply of cooled air through the core. The kit we supply comes complete with all the pipework, hoses, clamps, nuts, and bolts required for installation.

Please Note: If you require Red hoses please call us on 0145238099 - this will be a special order and it will be a 12 week lead time from the date of order.

If you are unsure if this product is suitable for your application, please contact us. 

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Forge Intercooler for the Renault Clio RS200 1.6 Turbo

VAT Included
Hose Colour

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