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Milltek Sport Fiesta ST Mk8 GPF Back Valved Exhaust - Milltek Sport Exhaust
70mm Cat Back Valved system
Twin 90mm GT-90 Tips Available in various finishes
Valved non resonated system. 

Brand new for the 1.5T Mk8 Fiesta ST is the Valved Non-Resonated GPF back exhaust system, this is the valved version of the two systems Milltek Sport will be producing for that extra bit of engine noise thats adjustable from inside the cabin to be quiet when needed.

Want to extract a little more power from your car? A GPF back system is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. All Milltek Sport exhausts are designed for improved gasflow and sound, but leave the car fully road legal and MOT ready when the time comes.

70mm pipework removes any restrictions in the stock exhaust system and the twin 90mm GT-90 tips fill the gap in the rear bumper perfectly.

Why a GPF back and not a catback system? The new ST has what's known as a Gasoline Particulate Filter as well as a catalyst, both of which are required under the new stricter emmisions rules. This system simply fits after the GPF to maintain the STs brilliant emmisions figures and mean it won't fail any MOTs.

Milltek Fiesta ST Mk8 GPF Back Valved Exhaust

PriceFrom £1,030.50
VAT Included

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