Milltek Sport Focus ST Mk3 2013 Half Resonated Cat Back Exhaust (Non Resonated) Estate / Wagon - Milltek Sport Exhaust


  • 100% stainless tubing
  • Choice of Interchangable Hand Made Polished Tips
  • Internally TIG and Externally MIG welded for absolute Quality.
  • Specific Design for the Estate / Wagon Model.


Pumaspeed the Milltek Sport Development Partner bring you the New Focus ST 250 Cat Back specifically designed for the Estate / Wagon version of the now popular 2012/13 Focus ST.

The precision designers at Milltek Sport and the inspiration behind some of the fastest Fords in Europe, Pumaspeed, bring you the sheer artwork of the Hand crafted Motor Sport Exhaust System.


With the choice of tail pipes this new system will be the one to beat on Quality, Tone and sheer Desirability.

This Half Resonated Option adds a large front silencer to take out  much of the high pitched noised developed by the high compression engine.


There are 3 choices for exhaust tips ..
 GT100 come as standard equipment
 Gloss Black GT100


’BUT EXPECT SOMETHING RATHER SPECIAL’ quotes a Milltek internal source’
All noise levels have been tested and found the just right sweet spot that will deliver the roar on command but remain subtle enough at autobahn speed cruising.



Milltek Sport Focus ST 250 Cat Back Exhaust Estate / Wagon (Half Res) Quieter