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Pumaspeed Mk3 RS/ST250/STD Quickshift - Pumaspeed ShortShifter

This is a billet alum replacement arm for the heavy stock cast iron unit. Has 4 pivot point choices plus two of which moves the shifter forward 25mm. Gets rid of the heavy stock shifter feel. Give your shifter a speedy feel with notchy positive shifts and more mechanical connection to your car. Please note diesel owners will need to place 2 or 3 washers to move a pipe slightly so allow free movement of the shifter

P1 24% reduction plus moves shifter forward 25mm
P2 39% reduction plus moves shifer forward 25mm
P3 40% reduction stock shifter location
P4 25% reduction stock shifter location

Pumaspeed Focus Mk3 RS/ST250/STD Quickshift

PriceFrom £76.99
VAT Included
Finish Colour

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