Fiesta 1.6 ST180 Ecoboost R-Sport Air Filter Kit - R-Sport Air Filter Kits

CNC Billet Machined MAF Housing

Smooth Internal Pipework

Outstanding Induction Noise from the over size Group A Style Filter

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Quality tried and tested air filter kits dont get any better than the new R-Sport Fiesta 1.6 EcoBoost system from Pumaspeed.

The system boasts a fully CNC machined MAF housing with perfect internal bore size to match the original.
A huge group 'A' style filter element that has proven flow over 340bhp.
Mandrel bent alloy pipework with no internal restrictions.

The very small 1.6 EcoBoost turbocharger needs all the help it can get to its safe maximum of around 240bhp. This beautifully hand crafted R-Sport air filter opens the air system and adds turbo noise to the car.

R-Sport Fiesta 1.6 ST180 Induction Kit 

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