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Direct fit no cutting required.
Capable of over 300BHP.
88mm thick core.
Cast end with SICO logo tanks.

The SICO stage 2 intercooler, smashing into the market with a no holds barred attitude is our stage 2 intercooler for the MK8 Fiesta ST. Sporting a full face design to not only perform at maximum efficiency but look the part. Bar and plate core made to our specification we can assure that this cooler will be good for horsepower levels of over 300BHP, so you can be ensured that you are totally future proofing your MK8 ST, ensuring you will never need a change of intercooler again!

Sweeping cast end tanks ensure a smooth flow of air to the core with minimal amounts of sharp bends reducing and possibility of additional heat and reducing the risk of end tanks blowing common with some alloy intercoolers.

As seen on our own MK8 ST Performance Edition demo car!

SD Performance MK8 Fiesta ST Stage 2 Intercooler

VAT Included

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