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AIRTEC are proud to announce the latest intercooler for the Mk1 Mazda 3 MPS.


AIRTEC have now added a great addition to its growing range of peformance intercoolers. In the way of this huge front mount intercooler for the Mazda 3 MPS Mk1.


A much needed upgrade for your re-mapped Mazda MPS.


  • 1 x Huge 90mm core with flowed cast end tanks, This means less welding and a stronger intercooler.
  • High quality silicone hoses which mean better flow inside the pipework, Finished with stainless jubilee clips.
  • Retains original crash bar
  • No cutting to bumper needed
  • Retains fog lights
  • fitting instructions and all required fittings supplied
  • Proven power increase on road and track use
  • Available in satin black or natural silver
  • Airtec 3 year unlimited mileage waranty
  • Fitting will take 2-3 hours depending on mechanical skill


Test results taken on the AIRTEC demo car

Standard top mount intercooler:

Run 1

In - 160.5 degrees Out - 70.7 degrees

Run 2

In - 160.6 degrees Out - 70.4 degrees

Run 3

In - 162.1 degrees Out - 73.9 degrees


AIRTEC stage 3 intercooler

Run 1

In - 123.7 degrees Out - 23.8 degrees

Run 2

In - 119.2 degrees Out - 22.6 degrees

Run 3

In - 120.1 degrees Out - 22.8 degrees


Approximate Dimensions:

Width - 750mm ( not including pipe )

Height - 210mm

Thick - 90mm

AIRTEC 70mm Core Intercooler Upgrade for Mk1 Mazda 3 MPS

VAT Included
Intercooler Colour
Hose Colour
Airtec Logo Colour

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