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Servicing, Fitting and Repairs


We can offer servicing of your vehicle to oe specification and standards or to your requirements. We can offer routine interval servicing and out of routine.

We can carry out oil changes, filter changes, brake discs and pads changes.


We offer a fitting facility for nearly all the parts we can offer as well as fitting parts supplied. This can be from things like panel filters right through to suspension and full boost systems and such for modified cars.

Due to a large amount of customers not turning up to bookings we are now taking deposits on all bookings. either a small deposit for tuning or labour or all parts paid for in advance. 

We are sorry we have to do this but  unfortunately the few have runined it for the many. 


We can carry out minor repair work such as fitting new bumpers, body panels, exhaust parts, engine parts and more.


We can carry out remapping work on a large varierty of vehicles including using tuning from some of the biggest known tuning companies around.


We charge £50 an hour inc VAT but also can offer fixed pricing on some work.


Ben is our experienced mechanic and tuner for all our work and works to a thorough and high standard on all work carried out.


To book in contact us via our contact us page, email, facebook page or by phone.

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