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So its been a week now and I've had time to adjust and have a play. Very impressed with my remap done by Ben Smith at DRS! Much more responsive, smoother power delivery, more boost, and most importantly its all done safely :)
DRS is cheaper than most other big names out there as they dont shell out on marketing and overheads. However, this doesn't compromise on quality and Ben certainly knows his stuff. You can ask him anything and he'll make sure you fully understand what, why and how.
Great service, great product and I wouldn't go anywhere else now

James Forbes

Communication, knowledge, reliability and products all 5 STARS!

Couldn't visit Ben to have the gators fitted so DIY and it was easy as they say to fit although I would of preferred them doing it if it weren't for the long drive.

Already been tried and test (not on purpose) and the gators did their job.

Ryan Jenkins

Top notch service and work from ben smith. Very happy with how my cars transformed. Highly highly recommended by me.

Elliott Barnes

When I bought my fiesta Titanium X 125 Ecoboost I had gathered from the forums that the Ecoboost could be opened up, but as I'm keeping my car a while I wanted a safe yet entertaining map. DRS was mentioned and Ben's name came up as a very experienced tuner of the Ecoboost unit. I started to batter Ben's head with every question I could think of- and to his absolute credit he answered honestly and openly. I asked about hardware limitations, preferred mods, best kit and expected gains. I kitted my car out with the mods Ben recommended- front mount intercooler, full induction kit and sport cat then had the DRS stage 2 map applied. For me, this is how the stock Ecoboost should have come oem. The map has smoothed out where the standard map runs out of steam and has given excellent pull in every gear. My fuel economy has also actually improved. If you are a number chaser then other companies may give you 5 more reality you won't be able to tell the difference..but they may also put the torque into more dangerous territory regarding camshaft and gearbox longevity etc...but that's for you to decide. For me that's not what I was looking for. So if you want a solid, reliable, fast, smoothly delivered, fully driveable stage 2 map with full support then quite simply look no further, you will not be disappointed.

Mark Dawson

Well happy with my remap on my 1.0l fiesta! Pulls like it should and got all the gains i was looking for

Jarvis Wright

Brilliant service from DRS, had a chat with them about remapping my N/A 1.6 zetec s and he explained everything i needed to know, my car now feels totally different with much better/smother acceleration all the way to the top of the rev range, more responsive and more power� couldn't recommend these guys any more as they did a brilliant job and have brought more life into my car!!

Alex Mees

Top service from ben and always spot on whem asked anything about the mapping soon as the car was mapped amd took it on test drive the difference was absolutlry immemse amd worth everything penny , would deffo reccommend ben and will use him agaim for sure , had mapped my fiesta 1,0 100ps

Aaron Yardley

Amazing service just fitted my alloygators I had from drs and what a difference they make make the wheels really stand out now. Couldn't recommend them enough ordered on Monday and here on Wednesday. Great advice from Ben whilst I fitted them talking me through everything thanks again Ben

Ryan Jones

Fantastic service, All quick and easy checked over the car before going ahead and when it came to the test drive what a difference! Highly recommended for anyone thinking about a remap Ben knows his stuff and is defiantly the person to talk too!
Focus 1.6 ecoboost instant power, fuel economy is improved makes the car feel totally different !

Andrew Artus

Bought an air intake for my Auris SR 2.0. Fantastic, really easy to fit made a lot of difference to power, revs up so much quicker! Fantastic product fantastic company! Would definitely recommend!

Chris Morrow

Very happy, friendly service. EGR deleted & mapped to cater for exhaust and intake upgrades. Cheers

Aj Cav Cavanagh

Fantastic service, very quick to do and over the moon with the result

Dan Duggan

Had my fiat punto grande 1.9 remapped at the weekend great job and didn't take long at all really happy with the power difference

Dave Needham

Just had some alloygators fitted to my Peugeot and I love them! Brilliant friendly service and Ben was brilliant with what colour would suit my car. Will definitely recommend to others! And will definitely use again!

Terri Sophie Louise Hendy

I bought a full kit of lights from Ben for my Fiesta Black Edition, and they are superb! Very very bright top quality bulbs all round. I had after market LED bulbs in most places of my car anyway, but these are just brighter. Would deffo use again

Toby Staton-Bevan

Great remap really nice people what more can you ask for!!

Scott Harnden

Had my X5 3.0d done today, now I get whip lash on accelerating, fantastic results,great service and very friendly.I would like my Marmite cup back though,lol Highly recommended. Cheers..

Nick Bunnykayes

Ben is absolutely brilliant. Very informative and very experienced. I had every confidence in him that he was offering the best service for my car. Im very impressed with the work that was carried out. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends.

Loo Loo Belle

Had my ford fiesta zetec s mk7.5 facelift remapped today by Ben. He explained what parts I would need extra to get my car to produce the power he has now allowed it to and mapped it to the high end of stage 1. The car is now very nippy and is a great bit of fun. Is never over the top aggressive where it feels like it is damaging something or making it feel uncontrollable. Very pleased with the map will be returning with my next car for Ben to remap. He explains damage that can be caused by removing the torque limiters ford put on as stock and other things that could damage the vehicle. Very knowledgeable and a very polite, easy to talk to lad.

Tom Keeler

Ben Remapped my BMW X3 2.0d and wow what a difference, more power and shed loads of extra torque,highly recommend!

Shane Sleeman

Had mine remapped today, Golf GT sport now at 177 ish bhp and 395 nm torque, very very happy!

Andy Blowman

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