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AIRTEC has now added a great addition to it's growing range of performance intercoolers, in the way of this huge front mount for the Citreon DS3.

Great addition to any standard or remapped DS3s.


  • 60mm thick track proven bar and plate core, specked to Airtec design

  • Airtec Cast end tanks for improved Airflow and un-beatable strength

  • Comes with silicone and alloy boost pipe connecting hoses - includes stainless clips

  • Fitting takes less 2-3 hours, comes with fitting instructions

  • 3 year -limited mileage warranty

  • Available in Pro-Series satin Black or Natural Silver

  • AIRTEC Logo available @ no extra charge

Rolling road tested at AMD Essex.


Standard intercooler:
Dyno cell ambient temperature: 19 degrees.


Run 1

In - 166 degrees
Out - 99 degrees

Run 2

In - 191 degrees
Out - 109 degrees

AIRTEC Stage 1 twin pass intercooler:
Dyno cell ambient temperature: 19 degrees.

Run 1

In - 144 degrees
Out - 37 degrees

Run 2

In - 165 degrees
Out 42 degrees

Run 3

In - 170 degrees
Out - 46 degrees


On average the standard intercooler run at 208 bhp, seeing an 11bhp increase with the Airtec stage 1 twin pass intercooler fitted.
Test car fitted with Miltek cat back exhaust + sports cat, Forge intake system, stage 2 remap.


Huge surface area, but still allows plenty of airflow to top section of the radiator, this is essential for hotter climate countries.


Approximate dimensions:

60mm thick

175mm Height

760mm width.


AIRTEC Citreon DS3 Stage 2 Intercooler Upgrade

VAT Included
Intercooler Colour
Airtec Logo Colour
Hose Colour

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