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Airtec has now taken the Intercooler on the ST180 to a whole new level, with the step core design offering a 85mm thick lower section and a 40mm thick upper section 'The Double Decker' the intercooler has been design for cars running hybrid turbo's and big turbo conversions where fitted.


If the Ecu see's over 50 degree's it will back power off for engine safety, The Airtec intercooler keeps the temps low enough so you keep all your power.


Apprroximate Dimensions:


Height - 350mm


Width - 1000mm approx


Thickness - bottom core 85mm '125mm height' - top core 40mm '225mm height' - total height 350mm


Will fit Fiesta ST 200

AIRTEC Stage 3 Intercooler Upgrade for Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost

VAT Included
Intercooler Colour: Black
Airtec Logo Colour

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