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Fiesta MK6 non ST petrol Bilstein B12 Suspension Kit


Bilstein B12 Tuning Suspension Kit is a Bilstein suspension kit that offers high performance monotube gas shock absorbers that work in harmony with top quality Eibach Pro Springs.

The Bilstein B12 suspension system produces a positive effect on traction, oversteer and understeer. By lowering the vehicle 30-40mm, the Bilstein B12 tuning kit guarantees perfect vehicle response, including a wide range of safety, amazing driving dynamics, long durability and ride comfort.


Each Bilstein B12 suspension kit is TUV approved.


Additional Notes:

Lowers Front 30mm, Lowers Rear 35mm

Ford Fiesta 1.25/1.3/1.4/1.6 Petrol, Bilstein B12 Kit

VAT Included

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