Ford Fiesta MK7 ST180 / ST200 2013-onwards models
Ford Fiesta MK7 1.0 / 1.6 Ecoboost 2013-onwards models
Suitable for offside / driver's side only
Please note uprated engine mounts will increase vibrations felt through the cabin and as such are intended for track use

Following two years of extensive testing and development, Direnza is proud to present a revolution in engine mount design.

Based on the findings of research into the limitations of conventional engine mounts, Direnza's new design dramatically increases the strength of the connection between engine and vehicle chassis compared with stock mounts, significantly reducing a motor’s movement under load and during hard cornering.

Created by automotive engineers using sophisticated CAD software, and honed with finite element analysis (FEA), Direnza's new engine mounts noticeably improve throttle and turn-in response, as confirmed by professional drivers during road and track testing sessions.

Ford Fiesta MK7 ST180 / ST200 Aluminium Offside Engine Torque Mount
Ford Fiesta MK7 ST180 / ST200 Aluminium Offside Engine Torque Mount
Enhancing the appearance of any engine bay, the mount bodies are manufactured from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum anodized black, and are complemented by stiff poly bushings finished in contrasting red. As a special touch, the Direnza logo is machine-etched into the mount body.

Note: Bolts included with this product must be checked for tightness before installation.

Fiesta MK7 ST180 | ST200 1.6 Ecoboost - Aluminium Offside Engine Torque Mount