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Motorsport Filtration Technology


Induction Technology Group (ITG) are the suppliers for the highest level of motorsport including championship winning F1, WRC and BTCC teams. This same technology and design skill has filtered into their range of fast road / track day products. The Fiesta ST's standard air box is a major restriction when the power levels are increased, the ITG cold air system makes improvements over the standard design in every aspect.


Spec List


Perfect location for cold high pressure air Heat soak is reduced Short direct path for air flow High quality world leading multi layer foam design Filter size increase by over 50% Perfectly sized CNC MAF housing means short term fuel trims are not affected Increased turbo intake noise and divertor valve discharge PERON proven to over + 300HP - this kit can be used on all stock turbo, hybrid and P3XX turbo systems at power levels in excess of 370hp




Fits all global 2013 and newer Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T

Fiesta ST 1.6T ITG Intake System

VAT Included

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