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Focus ST250 Facelift Redline Springs by Eibach - Eibach Redline

Quality German Manufactured

Improved ride comfort

5 Year Eibach Warranty

25-30mm lowering front

30-35mm lowering rear

5 Year Eibach Warranty

Ultimate stance for your ST250

Facelift Hatchback Models Only

Manufactured exclusively for Pumaspeed, these special edition Eibach springs have been developed specifically for the Focus ST250 and ST Diesel. As with almost all recent fast Fords the rear of the car sits quite high in relation to the front, giving it a nose heavy look along the side of the car.

The Redline Springs lower your car's center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with aftermarket wheels and tires, the Redline kit transforms the looks and. The facelift ST250 suffers from excessive wheel-well clearance, This kit resolves that while keeping the car compliant on bumpy B-Roads.

Focus ST250 Redlines Facelift Springs by Eibach

VAT Included

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