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Zunsport designs, fabricates and delivers a number of grille sets to suit a wide variety of car makes and models. The Upper Grille is made for your Ford Fiesta ST Mk 7.5 and after fitting is guaranteed to provide a seamless finish and a valuable safeguard against road debris and other external elements.


All of the grille sets provided by Zunsport are made using the highest level of experience and the very best materials, and the end product – a stainless steel woven wire mesh grille – is easy to install.


Any grille provided by us is guaranteed for the lifetime

of your vehicle so you can buy with confidence.


It must be noted that this grille is comprised of the stainless steel grille and the means of fixing it to your vehicle,It does not include any replacement body parts.

Ford Fiesta ST Mk 7.5 - ZunSport Black Upper Grille

VAT Included

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