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The new to market J1 Induction kit is here for the MK8 Fiesta ST 3cyl 1.5T 


This fits all ST engines in the MK8


A simple to fit modification that also uses a proven methopd to reduce intake pressure and a loow for a faster cleaner flowing air intake.


As with all J1 induction kits the filter is enclosed to provide a level of sheilding from engine bay temperatures. Utilising the OE grill feed to keep a fresh flow of air to the filter. The biggest change we have made is using a different filter itself which we have tried and tested for many years on the mk7 platform to over 400bhp so is plenty capable of high airflow. The the perfectly scaled sensor housing allows for the  perfect redings for the ecu to read exactly what air is entering. The angled sheild allows standard fit hoses to be used with this kit also.


Proven to enhance performance, aesthetics and sound. 


J1 Performance, parts proven to perform

J1 Fiesta MK8/Puma MK2 1.5T ST200 Air Induction Kit

PriceFrom £139.99
VAT Included

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