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Pumaspeed Mail Order Tuning Box - MAXD-OUT Software

  • Tune your ST250 Focus anywhere in the World
  • Simple Plug and Play Custom tuning procedure.
  • Uses any Windows based PC
  • Delivers up to 280bhp
  • Astonishing torque figures
  • Ultimate stage 1 calibration file


MAXD - ST250 Custom Tuning Perfection.
Many rolling road hours and days have gone into developing the MAXD-OUT Fiesta ST250 EcoBoost Software.
Testing has shown the Pumaspeed Stage 1 recalibration to be one of the Safest and powerful custom tuning solutions available. 
The stage 1  has been especially developed to run on a totally standard car.
Software recalibration doesn't come any better than this, ask your software provider for similar graphs.


Now Available from the Pumaspeed Head Office workshop or  via mail order with the help of the Simple Plug and Play Tuning Box. This Stage 1 unit contains  -  Stage 1 to suit 250-260 bhp.

The New Pumaspeed Tuning unit will enable you to download any of our tuning files and upload them as many times as you want with the aid of a simple Windows based Laptop or PC

The Mapping device - FAQ's

 Can the box be used to turn my vehicle back to the original Stock file at any time ?
  - Yes, the box allows you to store the original file and then allow you to install your stock mapping any time you need.
What happens to my stock mapping ?
 -  this will be read and will be saved on the Laptop.
What if my car is already mapped?
Your ECU will be read by the software and this will be treated as the stock mapping for your car.
 Is the Software easy DIY install on and off the car ?
  - Yes the custom software is very simple to use and runs on any Windows Laptop.
 Can I upgrade the maps to a higher level ?
 - Yes the benefit of the system is that MAXD can easily send you upgraded files from the above list.
Can MAXD write a custom file to suit my list of mods ?
 - Yes the in house calibration specialists at MAXD can tailor a mapping to suit you and your driving style. Whilst MAXD research and development does run through most case scenarios there will always be the requirement for that one off special.
Can i use the device on more than one vehicle ?
 - No the MAXD device locks itself you your vehicles VIN number and cannot be used on another vehicle.
Can I use Different Fuels ?
-  MAXD maps are available for 95 RON 98RON and 102RON high quality fuel.
    we will make them freely available but warn that running the wrong fuel to mapping combination can be dangerous
Does the Mapping affect the immobilzer ?
 - MAXD maps will not affect the vehicle immobiliser in any way.
Can I download a stock map?
 - If your car has already been mapped elsewhere and you want to return it to standard, we can provide a standard tune.

DO we think its the Best ?
 - The Simple answer is YES, internet forum owner testing has shown the MAXD stage 1 mapping to be higher powered than every other branded mapping, including some very well known names.

The tuning Device is locked to the VIN Code on your car and cannot be used on any other car without a full reset.

MAXD 280 Stage 1 Flash Tuning Box - Focus ST250

£389.99 Regular Price
£359.99Sale Price
VAT Included

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