Pumaspeed Plug and Play Mail Order Tuning Box - MAXD-OUT Software
	Simple Plug and Play Custom Tuning
	Tune your EcoBoost Focus anywhere in the world
	Uses any Windows based PC

Many rolling road hours have gone into developing the Pumspeed 1.0 EcoBoost Software, We believe there are few that have devoted so much development time to this car. For those wishing to sample the Pumaspeed Software there is no need to travel any more, the best tuning files can be delivered directly to your door with the New iFlash unit.

This Stage 1 unit contains one tuning file -  Stage 1 to suit 145 bhp The New iFlash unit will enable you to download any of our tuning files and upload them as many times as you want with the aid of a simple windows based laptop or PC. 

Pumaspeed tunes available on the iFlash unit.  Stage 1 -  upto 160 bhp with no or minimal hardware modifications                 - Smooth  progressive power, much like the Factory calibration, a perfect addition to give extra drivability and economy.  
Stage 2 -  upto 175 bhp with simple DIY air filter and Exhaust modifications                 - A very well mannered drive with a huge amount of torque all the way to 4500 revs
Valet Mode is available on request to imobilze the Vehicle.The tuning device is locked to the VIN Code on your car and cannot be used on any other car without a full reset which is chargeable.

MAXD-OUT Flash Tuning Box - Focus 1.0 Eco Stage 1


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