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Stage 1R Smooth Safe Progressive Power and Torque 220-230 bhp - MAXD-OUT Software

  • For use with Stock DPF still fitted
  • Stage 1 +30 bhp +65nm torque
  • Stage 1 Plus +35 bhp +80nm torque
  • Stage 1R 40+bhp +90nm
  • Smooth and Safe Power Delivery
  • DIY Fitted at home with the use of a windows Laptop
  • Astonishing Torque


The new generation of  Focus Mk3 ST Diesel is perfect to tune.  Ford have delivered a much more laid back power delivery than the ST250 petrol version, a little bit too laid back the Pumaspeed development team believed.

The Team looked at various methods to tune the new Focus STD and quickly called on experts at MAXD-OUT to develop not only a remaping but actualy design the protocols to talk to the ECU as nothing was available at that time.

The MAXD boys took the customer donated development car in hand and in the space of 2 weeks developed the communication protocols and the New Stage 1 MAXD remap to allow the DIY enthusiast to do all the tuning at home using the box below.



The MAXD OUT Stage 1 system now covers the Focus ST Diesel Mk3 and delivers more power and torque than any other tuning system, adding around 30-40bhp and delivering monstrous 70-85Nm of extra torque..
Those sound like the power figures of a real hot hatch and make the Focus STD a real gem to drive with effortless pulling power and urgency.

 MAXD keep the power delivery smooth and progressive, but add enough excitement to make the car feel more like a true performance car rather than an diesel. Through testing the stage 1 map was found to  deliver peak torque a staggering 500rpm lower in the rev range than compared to stock and the Bluefin. This low down kick of torque gives you effortless acceleration and in gear pace, no need to work the gearbox and engine too hard when going for an overtake.

How Safe is the Remap for my engine ?
The Maxd calibrators have not increased turbo boost by a huge amount, in fact as little as 2-4 psi


Do I need to change any hardware?
No, this map has been specifically designed for use on a totally stock car, no additional hardware required, it retains all the saftey features associated to DPF / Catalyst temperature protection which prevents damage to this very expensive exhaust component. ( £1300 )


Will it ruin the economy?
No, during testing stages we have actually seen an increase in fuel economy on long runs and motorway journeys. Although we can promise you get more smiles per gallon with your foot down!


How do i do the remap myself  ?
With the aid of a windows Laptop you install the MAXD comunication program downlaodable from HERE  then Plug the above device into the laptop and into the vehicles OBD port. run the MAXD Program and with the device read the ECU data. Send the data to us and we then update your specific data with the new Stage 1 MAXDmapping data and import it back into your ECU via the OBD port again. All this usually within the hour.

The new Pumaspeed ECU map will mean that not only will you see increased flexibility and more performance but you will also see an improvement in fuel economy on low throttle settings


For Mail Order Customers In the UK , Europe and Worldwide:
We can now supply this new mapping via mail order usually within 24 hours

MAXD Flash Tuning Kit Stage 1R Focus ST Diesel

£429.00 Regular Price
£419.00Sale Price
VAT Included

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