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All the performance with or without the noise!
If cars like yours typically suffer issues such as backfiring and stalling when using a fixed-ratio atmosphere-venting BOV, the Respons can help. By adjusting the venting bias to suit the car you can achieve a blow-off sound without having to put up with the issues.

Like all GFB valves, the Respons utilises GFB’s proven TMS Technology to ensure rapid boost recovery on gearshift and optimum throttle response, as well as the ability to withstand boost pressures of 100psi+. Put simply, it can hold more boost than any turbo could produce.

How GFB’s patented venting bias adjustment works
GFB's Patented Venting Bias Adjustment System

Twisting the adjusting ring opens up the atmo port, whilst the recirc port is simultaneously closed.This results in possible venting ratios ranging from 100% recirc, right through to 100% atmosphere and anywhere in between.

Complete Range of Fitment Options
The Respons direct fit bolt-on range covers a huge list of popular vehicles. You can also purchase a variety of hose and flange adaptors for custom fitments.

Performance AND sound without compromise!
Patented Venting Bias Adjustment system - can be infinitely adjusted between full recirc (silent) and full atmosphere (loud)
Change the venting bias simply by twisting the adjustment ring
TMS Technology for up to 30% faster boost recovery on gearshift
Huge range of direct bolt-on kits
100psi+ boost holding ability
Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001

NISSAN JUKE 1.6 DiG-T Respons TMS Direct fit BOV with GFB TMS advantage.

VAT Included

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