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Pumaspeed Stage 3 Intercooler Fiesta ST Mk8 by R-Sport -


Pumaspeed R-Sport Stage 1-2 Intercoolers Stage 3 rated to 320bhp

Fully Flow Engineered Tapered End Tanks 100% Alloy Construction

Easy DIRECT FIT to all OE Quickfit Pipework


Lifetime Warranty Brand new from R-Sport, this intercooler has been specifically designed for the Mk8 ST owner seeking reliable sub 300bhp power.

Utilizing state of the art 3D scanning technology, Pumaspeed scanned the whole frontal area of the new Mk8 to enable our design team to bring you the largest standard height cooler available on the market.

Rest assured any standard height cooler cannot beat the size, internal volume and flow rate of this precision designed piece of art work.

Computer designed to fit with millimetre precision to clear all bumper and chassis work it realy is a true direct bolt on unit with the simple quick connectors still being used.

While the standard intercooler does it's job quite well Pumaspeed push a little more power from their mappings and Hybrid Turbos and have seen the stock intercooler lose its effectiveness when pushed hard.

The New R-Sport 90mm Stage 3 intercooler will keep your charge temps down and keep your intake charge as dense as possible.

Not only does this improve performance, but also improves engine efficiency, allowing your engine to intake manifold to ingest cooler compressed air. This intercooler is a direct replacement for the OEM unit, no fuss, simple DIY fitment (or workshop fitting can be arranged).

This must-have upgraded unit will support you all the way to 320bhp, allowing you to give your ST the power it deserves!

Add this intercooler to an upgraded induction kit, downpipe and exhaust system and you will be ready for a stage 2 remap

R-Sport 90mm Stage 3 Intercooler Fiesta ST MK8

PriceFrom £279.00
VAT Included

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