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Ford Fiesta ST180 Large Bore Hot Side Hard Pipe Kit - R-Sport Hard Pipe Kits50mm Large Bore pipeworkBeautiful Handmade R-Sport Quality AlloyOutstanding Induction NoiseAvailable in Polished ,brushed finish or Powder coated custom colour.Replace the OE restrictive Pipework with new Fiesta ST 180 R-Sport Hot Side Hard Pipe kit.After extensive testing Pumaspeed have chosen the optimum bore size to preserve throttle response and allow up to to 400 bhp.50mm pipework has sufficient flow, and an extra 25% more over stock, to allow the new ecoboost fiesta engine to give full power without increasing internal volumes and creating the dreaded turbo lag.This superbly made lightweight alloy pipe kit will allow the car to move the extra air to develop the power perfect for the power hungry.It is supplied complete with all new clamps and silicons and the two piece design is less prone to stress and cracking associated to the one piece designs

R-Sport Ford Fiesta ST180 Large Bore Hot Side Hard Pipe Kit

VAT Included
Hard Pipe colour
Hose Colour

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