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As part of our expanding Kia product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our induction kit upgrade aimed at modified Ceed GT owners who want to improve the performance of their car with a simple, bolt-on modification for track or fast road use.

This freer-flowing induction kit replaces the car’s original air box and restrictive intake set up. It features our biggest Group A cotton filter with a 100mm trumpet that significantly improves the car’s breathing by increasing the amount of cold air it can take in, therefore offering increases power, performance and sound.

The huge filter is protected from warm air within the engine bay by a laser cut heat shield and the replacement intake pipe that comes as part of the kit has been increased in size to improve internal capacity. Made from aluminium, it also offers a smoother flow in comparison to the original pipework that varies in diameter.

The kit fits neatly in place of the original to improve the look of the engine bay and comes with all fixtures, fittings and instructions for a direct, bolt-on installation.

Its improved air flow, performance, sound and visual gains, as well as its straight forward fitment make it an essential modification for all modified Kia Ceed GT models.


Comprehensive kit designed specifically for the Kia Ceed GT platform

Improved air flow for power and performance increases

Laser cut heat shield helps protects from warm air

Huge Group A cotton air filter

Aluminium intake pipe with increased flow and capacity

High quality powder-coated black finish

Pro Hoses silicone hose

Detailed fitting instructions included


Airtec Motorsport Induction Kit For Kia CeeD GT

VAT Included

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