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Pumaspeed Special Edition Eibach Lowering Springs Focus RS MK3 - Eibach

  • Quality German Manufactured.
  • 25-30mm lowering approx
  • Ultimate Stance for your RS


Pumaspeed have been working closely with Eibach to devise the all new lowering kit for the MK3 RS.
As with previous Fast Focus' the back of the car sits quite high in relation to the front, giving it a nose heavy look. 

Building on what we have learnt from our previous Speciaal Edition Redline spring sets, we have created a set of springs that allows the car to sit a little more level than stock and give the New Focus RS Mk3 fantastic stance and road presence.

The legendary Eibach ride quality ensures that they are not too harsh for UK roads and give a great balance between performance and comfort.

Which Kit  H & R or Eibach Special Edition ?
Pumaspeed have 2 development Focus RS Mk3 and we thought it sensible to test both the kits.We found the HR kit sat a little too low at the front and didnt have the travel to clear speed bumps without the crash and bang feeling. The Eibach sits at only 25-30mm lower at the front in comparison to the much low HR so ends up soaking the harshness away quite naturally.

For the level stance go Eibach.

Focus RS Mk3 Pumaspeed Special Edition Eibach Lowering Springs

PriceFrom £205.99
VAT Included

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