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Performance Fiesta Mk7 ST180 Air Intake Kit for the Fiesta 1.6 Litre Ecoboost.


This Fiesta Air Intake Kit replaces the stock Air Cleaner, inlet duct and clean duct. Once installed we can see massive reductions in system restriction and improvements in intake noise and performance, an increase of 3.3% (circa 6bhp) compared to standard air box. The installation is simple and quick, no modifications are required, and full instructions are included. 


This kit has been designed to fit into the following vehicles;

  • Ford Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Litre ST180 and ST200


Fiesta Mk7 ST180 Air Intake Kit includes;

  • High Quality Heat Shield Assembly (Powder Coated Aluminium with Performance Air Filter)
  • Clean Silicon Hose Elbows (Choice of colours*)
  • Black Powder Coated Aluminium Hose Joiner
  • 4 x Hose Clamps
  • Fitting Instructions

* Silicone hose colours are available in Orange, Blue or Black.


System pressure loss is reduced by up to 80% (60% at peak power), boosting power by up to 3.3% (circa 6bhp) at peak, and improving the torque substantially at the higher revs. Intake noise is improved with a glorious growl which emanates from the intake as you run through the rev range. The filter is pre-oiled with efficiency values of around 98% ensuring excellent engine protection (when tested to ISO 5011).


Key Benefits;

  • Well engineered product
  • Power increase of 3.3% (circa 6 BHP)
  • Increases in Torque
  • Excellent intake noise
  • Easy installation (10 minutes)
  • UK Designed, Developed and Manufactured
  • High Quality product
  • Large selection of Silicone hose colours*


Tools required for installation;

  • Screwdriver – Torx 20
  • Screwdriver – Flat-head / Slotted
  • Flexible Hose Clamp Driver

J1 Fiesta Mk7 ST180/ST200 Air Intake Kit

£240.00 Regular Price
£220.00Sale Price
VAT Included

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