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Simple plug and play custom tuning procedure.

Uses any Windows based PC

Tune your ST225 Focus anywhere in the world

We include 3 MAXD Tuning Files

Now available with crackle and bang maps. Loud or softer crackle maps included !

MAXD - ST225 Custom Tuning Perfection , Total control For your ST225 Focus

Many rolling road days have gone into developing the all new MAXD Focus ST225 Software.

MAXD can now give you the total control and custom tuning files you desire and email them worldwide.

MAXD can even supply a custom tune whilst your car is sat on the dyno.

What maps are included ?

You get the custom tune box + the USB stick with all the software and all 5 tunes listed below.

Stage 1R - 275-295bhp Smooth progressive road remap specifically for low spec and medium modified cars.

Stage 2R - 300-325bhp Aggressive remap specifically for cars with the full Bolt ons and Stock Turbos.

Stage 3R - 325-335bhp 99 octane Aggressive remap specifically for cars with the full Bolt ons and Stock Turbos. scaled to suit 440cc Focus RS Mk2 injectors

lower Octane maps are available for countries with low Quality fuels


You also get a Free Update to the 7BUG software with your MAXD tuning Box

For all 2005-2007 vehicles with AE and AF type ECU, MAXD have written a conversion file that allows the car to have the updated 2008-2011 version 7BUG firmware. Once this free upgrade is performed the car will have genuine Ford OE 6M5Y-12A650-AG software. After this update any of the new files can be uploaded to the early car without a trip to the Ford agent.

How good are the new MAXDOUT tuning files ?

MAXD-OUT Stage 1-2 and 3 Flash Programmer - Focus ST225 / XR5 Turbo

PriceFrom £419.99
VAT Included

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