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Tune your Mk7 ST180 Fiesta anywhere in the world

Stage 2 240bhp, Stage 2R 255bhp

Lower and safer boost levels than competitor mapping

Simple plug and play procedure

Lifetime map upgrades

Holds up to 5 different maps

The brand new MAXD Pro tuning handset allows you total control of your vehicles ECU calibration without the use of any Windows PC to switch maps. With over 5,000 MAXD devices across all platforms sold worldwide for various Ford models you couldn't be in safer hands.

This stage 2R version of the MAXD device to suit your Fiesta ST180 Mk7 contains a super safe engine calibration that runs a small lift in boost over the stock mapping but lifts torque and peak performance significantly by up to 75bhp and 160nm at peak levels to make the car feel effortlessly quick. The torque delivery below 2300rpm is very similar to stock meaning power isn't wasted away in wheelspin, once above this point in the rev range the additional power and torque is relentless and makes an incredible difference in day to day driving. We have even seen cars of up to 255bhp with the correct modifications fitted!

Not only has this tune proven itself to have the best performance increases available on the Fiesta ST180 Mk7, the Pro Handset features a unique ability to switch maps without the use of a laptop. So whether you're wanting to switch maps for your next track session, your favourite back road, or simply to a different octane rating of fuel, it can be done anywhere in the world, even with out an internet connection or power supply.


The price for the Stage 2R MAXD Pro Handset includes your choice of 5 of the following tuning files:

Stage 2R Super Crackle/Flame (High Boost) - Up to 255bhp and 400nm (99 RON), the most agressive crackle/flame available.

Stage 2R Crackle/Flame (High Boost) - Up to 255bhp and 400nm (99 RON), crackles AND flames on overrun, not for the faint hearted!

Stage 2R WRC Crackle (High Boost) - Up to 255bhp and 400nm (99 RON), agressive crackle to ensure you're centre of attention.

Stage 2R Cat Safe Crackle (High Boost) - Up to 255bhp and 400nm (99 RON), including an addictive sports cat safe overrun burble!

Stage 2R (High Boost) - Up to 255bhp and 400nm (99 RON), the ultimate remap to suit your stock turbo, tuned ST180!

Stage 2 (Low Boost) - Up to 240bhp and 370nm (95 RON), with the default Ford OEM features.

Valet - Limited to a low speed, low boost level and low rev limit to restrict abuse.

Anti Theft - Prevents the car from being started, even with the key!

MAXD Pro Handset - Fiesta ST180 Stage 2R

VAT Included

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