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MAXD Pro Handset - Golf R Stage 2R - MAXD-OUT Software

  • Tune your Mk7 Golf R anywhere in the world
  • Stage 2R 390-400bhp
  • Lower and safer boost levels than competitor mapping
  • Amplifies crackles on overrun
  • Refined launch control
  • Simple plug and play procedure
  • Lifetime map upgrades
  • Holds up to 5 different maps


The price for the Stage 2R MAXD-OUT Pro includes the following tuning files by default:

Stage 2R - 390-400bhp and 510-520nm (98/99 RON) with the optimum selection of MAXD-OUT additional features.

Stage 2  - 370-380bhp and 480-490nm (95 RON) with the default VAG OEM features.

Valet - Limited to a low speed, low boost level and low rev limit to restrict abuse.

Anti Theft - Prevents the car from being started, even with the key!


The brand new MAXD-OUT Pro tuning handset allows you total control of your vehicles ECU calibration without the use of any Windows PC to switch maps. With over 5,000 MAXD-OUT devices across all platforms sold worldwide for various models you couldn't be in safer hands.

This stage 2R version of the MAXD-OUT device to suit your VW Golf R Mk7 contains a super safe engine calibration that runs a tiny lift in boost over the stock mapping but lifts torque and peak performance significantly by around 100bhp and 140nm at peak levels to make the car feel effortlessly quick. The torque and power delivery below 2500rpm is very similar to stock meaning power isn't wasted away in pointless wheelspin, therefore you can actually use and enjoy your mapped Golf R on the road and track without worrying about it spitting you off the road into the nearest hedge!

Building on the guys at Maxd-Out many years of experience tuning VWs of all shapes and sizes, the EA888 calibration has evolved from the comprehensive understanding we already have of the intricate world of VW tuning. Don't confuse this with the more generic 'off the shelf' calibrations some companies can provide, these are bespoke, and relentlessly refined files with hours of dyno time behind them, they truly are world class calibrations!

The stage 2R calibration has been designed to run perfectly on a car with minor bolt on modifications including downpipe and intake. Running 99 Ron fuel helps you get the best out of your new map, we recommend the use of either Shell V-Power or Tesco Momentum on all performance cars, especially once mapped. The EA888 engine has proved remarkably simple to get incredible power gains from, it really is a credit to the Volkswagen engineering department. As with any engine however there are good and bad ways to make extra power and torque, we leave all the stock VW safety protocols in place meaning any issues with the car will be immediately flagged on the dashboard with a check engine light.

Torque is up almost 140nm at peak levels, the result is not only a more impressive figure on the dyno, but a far faster and more usable car on the road at any point in the rev range, in any gear.

Peak power on the stock car is reached around 6000rpm, the power curve then flatlines to the end of the rev range and the redline at around 6600rpm, once tuned with the Maxd-Out 2R calibration, 6000rpm sees another 85bhp, but peak power isn't reached until around 200rpm later in the rev range meaning you can rev your Golf R just that little bit further, fantastic for track and fast road use!

Is the MAXD-OUT mapping warranty safe?

- Yes we believe so, the MAXD-OUT Pro handset has a unique feature, it allows you to read and store the original stock file on the device itself. This stored file can, at any time, be re-installed onto the car and the vehicle taken into VW for any recall works with no footprint.


Is the handset easy to use and install on and off the car?

- Absolutely, the device needs very little user interaction. Once the initial install is complete which requires the use of a Windows PC, and the maps programmed to the device, the handset can be used as a standalone remapping device with very straightforward instuctions included.


Can I upgrade the maps to a higher level?

- Yes the benefit of the Pro system is that MAXD-OUT can easily send you upgraded files from the stage 3 catalogue as you upgrade the hardware to suit.


Can MAXD-OUT write a custom file to suit my list of mods?

- Yes the in house calibration specialists at MAXD-OUT can tailor a mapping to suit you and your driving style. Whilst MAXD-OUT research and development does run through most case scenarios there will always be the requirement for that one off special, please get in touch for pricing and availability on any custom maps.


Can I use the device on more than one vehicle?

- The MAXD-OUT Pro handset locks itself to your vehicles VIN number and cannot be used on another vehicle until it has been unpaired from that original vehicle. In the event you come to sell your car, you can unpair the handset and reuse on your next car, or sell the device on.

Can I use different fuels?

-  MAXD-OUT maps are available for 95 RON, 98/99 RON and by request 102 RON high quality fuel. We make them freely available but warn that running the wrong fuel to mapping combination can be dangerous.

Does the mapping affect the immobiliser?

- MAXD-OUT maps will not affect the vehicle immobiliser in any way.

Do we think its the best?

- The simple answer is YES, Pumaspeed and internet forum owner testing has shown all the MAXD-OUT mappings to be higher powered than every other branded mapping, including some very well known names.

MAXD Pro Handset - Golf R Stage 2R

£619.00 Regular Price
£599.00Sale Price
VAT Included

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