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330-340bhp capable on every car! - Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbochargers


  • Direct Bolt On Stock Location Unit X47R Hybrid Turbocharger
  • Race Red Extended Tip 7 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Motorsport Heavy Duty 360 Degree Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • 340bhp Dyno Proven MAXD Mapping
  • Includes CNC Billet Turbo Elbow and Turbosmart Actuator
  • Approx 1000 X47R Units Sold Worldwide to Date!


The EcoBoost 1.6 Fiesta Pumaspeed X47 turbo range was launched in January 2017, and since then the use of this unit has grown beyond all our expectations, laterally evolving into the even more impressive X47R.

The proven power and reliability of this unit is now without doubt the best hybrid turbo available on the market for the ST180. It has been used in street and competition globally with incredible results time after time!


The X47 started life as a 290-300 whp capable turbo but the Pumaspeed passion for development has pushed us to try and get the unit up by around 10% in wheel bhp terms. We have used 3 configurations in total, X47, X47+ and X47R, all of which use the unique 45.1mm turbine shaft with varying angles of clipping to the blades to add extra flow.


Each variant had its own specific spool point and powerband, but the new X47R model features a fully hard anodised deep grey compressor cover and some new internal developments which will add extra flow to the exhaust side. It also features the new spec race red compressor wheel which is annodised for increased durability.


MAXD are the genius guys behind the remap calibrations which support this hybrid turbo and hardware required to hit the 330-340bhp mark. This power package therefore includes the famous Stage 3R MAXD calibrations which consistently produce outstanding power and torque figures which truly are at the top of the tree. There is no turbo and mapping combination with more proven results than the X47R and MAXD 3R remap, with countless dyno figures, lap records and dragy times to back up the claimed numbers.

This power package comes inclusive with the Pumaspeed high flow CNC turbo elbow which further increases and smoothens the air flow entering the turbo for maximum efficiency and power.


We also include by default the Turbosmart uprated actuator, this helps with maintaining higher levels of boost later in the rev range, allowing for a much wider power band, important not only on road but for track use especially. 


Check out the video review below from YouTuber JayEmm on Cars for more info on the X47R Fiesta ST180 setup, supplied and fitted by one of our good dealers STealthWerx in Norwich, on their own demo Fiesta ST200!

MAXD X47R Fiesta ST Power Package - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

PriceFrom £910.00
VAT Included

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