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Milltek Sport Fiesta ST 180 Back Box Delete Pipe - Race Pipe - Milltek Sport Exhaust

  • Fully Stainless Steel Open Pipe work
  • fits to existing Milltek Mid pipe and Tail Pipes


The Milltek Cat Back Exhaust system has many different versions, all contain a rear silencer box but there are two versions already.

Non Resonated - which has theperfect mid ground tone
(Race) Non Resonated - which was the loudest available
and Now Milltek have made this !!
The Full Race Rear Box Delete which lifts noise another step higher whilst still providing a beautiful deep tone.

This Milltek Rear Box Delete for the Fiesta ST180 will fit all existing Milltek systems and remove the rear silencer totally from the car.
Your existing Milltek detatchable tail pipes will fit the two outlet pipes and exit in the excat same place as they do now

Get ahead of the game with Pumaspeed the Home of the Milltek Sport Exhaust System.

Milltek Fiesta ST 180 Back Box Delete Pipe

VAT Included

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