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Large Bore Downpipe and De Cat (SSXFD103) for the 1.0 Turbo Fiesta - Milltek Sport Exhaust

100% Stainless Steel Tube
Precision Welded
Increased flow from 45mm to 57mm internal bore
Fits all 100PS and 125PS engines
Needs to be fitted with an aftermarket catback

Bring the New EcoBoost Fiesta 1.0 Turbo to life with the brand new edition Flexi Decat Pipe from Pumaspeed and Milltek Sport Exhausts.

The OE pipe has a huge restriction this Decat is a full 57mm bore and allows Full Flow and full Power for all 100PS and 125PS engines.

Will this decat bring the Engine Light on ?
In our testing we have found that the Mil light on the dash will come on.
This will not decrease power or cause any running or engine problems immediately or in the future. The MIL light is saying that the car has a fault code (p0420) which refers to a less than efficient catalyst. You of course will know this fact as you totally removed it...

To turn the engine light off we would suggest the MIL Elbow be purchased and installed at the same time as this pipe.

Will this pipe fail the yearly emission test (aka MOT in the UK) ?
Yes, the MOT and all emission tests do rely on the catalyst to function to enable an emission test pass.However there is an alternate product, the Milltek Sport High Flow Sports Catalyst that will allow the car to pass the emmision test year after year with no problems.

The Pumaspeed Demo car runs the Milltek Large Bore Downpipe and De Cat and develops over 35% more torque and over 160bhp as a result. Get real power from the 1.0 turbo with a Milltek Sport Exhaust

Milltek Sport Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Large Bore Downpipe and De Cat

PriceFrom £233.32
VAT Included

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