Pumaspeed Racing 12mm 4/5x108 Ford Wheel Spacers - Pumaspeed Spacers

High strength 6061 T6 lightweight aluminium construction

Hub-Centric for perfect fit and wheel balance

Precision CNC machined

Anodised in black to prevent corrosion

Compatible with most stock and aftermarket wheels

A choice of wheel nut colours

Locking wheel nuts supplied

Improve the stance and handling of your Ford with the Pumaspeed Racing wheel spacers, available in a range of sizes to suit almost every Ford on the market both 4 stud and 5 stud.

Manufactured from aircraft grade 6061 aluminium and anodised in black means they not only look fantastic but they are protected from corrosion whilst being lightweight and heavy duty.

Priced per axle these spacers offer 12mm axle widening per corner meaning a total per axle of 24mm. When combined with our Redline springs by Eibach they offer a huge visual and mechanical improvement over the stock setup.

Supplied with extended lug nuts in a choice of two colours along with a locking wheel nut set you can be sure these not only look fantasitc, but keep your valuable wheels safe and sound!

Pumaspeed Racing 12mm 4/5x108 Ford Wheel Spacers