Suitable for 2.0 DSG / 3.2 V6 / 1.9 TDI DSG / 2.5 TDI (inc 4motion / exc T32)

Height adjustment front; 45 - 75 mm

Height adjustment rear; 45 - 70 mm

TÜV Approval; Yes

Combining on-vehicle adjustment of both height and damping, this kit gives improved control over factory-set V-Maxx kits whilst still allowing easy height adjustment for that perfect vehicle stance. Damping ranges from "road comfort" to "trackday stiff" with over 20+ click levels of adjustment.

V-MAXX offer premium coilover kits, giving you maximum flexibility in setting the perfect ride height for your car. Height is easily adjusted from low to very low with the adjustment tool included.

All kits are produced to the highest quality standards with sporty but comfortable spring and damping characteristics for both daily and sporty use.

Kits are German TüV approved and come with a 2 year warranty.

 T5 Transporter / Multivan Coilovers