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Up to 345bhp capable on every car! - Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbochargers

  • Direct bolt on stock location unit
  • Unique turbine shaft with race spec blades
  • Motorsport heavy duty 360 Degree bearing assembly
  • Modified seal plate to match hi-flow compressor wheel
  • Supplied with CNC machined racing inlet elbow
  • Supplied with Turbosmart actuator
  • 345bhp dyno proven
  • Brand new technology for 2022


The brand new Fiesta ST180 X48R hybrid turbo was rumoured at the start of summer 2021. Pumaspeed produced 10 units and sent them to some distributors around the world for evaluation. After several months of testing we are happy to announce that the sale of the new X48R is now ready to roll.

What are the physical differences between the X47 Classic, X47R and the X48R?

- The X47 Classic is rated to 325 bhp and has a 43mm impeller with 7 blades. Silver compressor cover with silver compressor wheel.

- The X47R is rated to 340 bhp and has a 46mm impeller with 7 blades. Silver compressor cover with anodised red compressor wheel.

- The X48R is rated to 345 bhp and has a 46mm impeller with 8 curved blades to grab and compress more air. Dark grey compressor cover with anodised red compressor wheel. 

The new X48R lifts the lid on power achievable from a hybrid turbo, it maximises the stock Ford fuel injectors and will boost the car around to the 345bhp mark (fuel and modifcation dependent). It can also be mapped with the larger injectors if required to add a tad more power across the rev range, we saw a further 5-10bhp on back to back testing.

Whats the cost difference?

Quite simply we have only lifted the cost of this unit to £40 more than the previous X47R. With over 1200 X47 and X47R sold since 2016 you can never go wong with this incredible hybrid turbo and now even more so with the new and improved X48R.

Why the X Series turbo range over their competitors?

With well over 1000 units sold, the X series range of turbos to suit the Fiesta ST180 have proven power and reliability running through their DNA. The turbo range has been used in street and competition all across the world, including USA and Australia.


The X Series range of turbos are the only hybrid turbos to consistently get into the 12's and below quarter mile times in various countries on various customer and dealer cars. With trap speeds in excess of 116mph, this shows the true pulling power of the turbocharger with no let up at higher speeds.


The X47 started life as a 290-300whp capable turbo but the Pumaspeed passion for development has pushed us to try and get the unit up by around 10% in wheel horse power terms. We now have 3 available configurations listed above, all of which use the unique 45.1mm turbine shaft with varying angles of clipping to the blades to add extra flow.


Contact us by email or facebook messenger for any further details you wish to know. We currently have a limited availability on the Pumaspeed X48R hybrid turbocharger due to popular demand. 

X48R Fiesta ST180 1.6 EcoBoost Hybrid Turbocharger

PriceFrom £899.00
VAT Included

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