R-Sport PRO 400 Intercooler Fiesta ST180 - Pumaspeed R-Sport Pro Intercoolers

  • Rated to 400 bhp
  • Super-light weight construction
  • 100% Alloy Construction
  • Easy DIRECT FIT to all OE Pipework
  • Lifetime Repair Warranty
  • UK Manufactured


All Intercoolers are not made equal, the New R-Sport PRO 400 has been proven on the Road and on the Track.
With an official record UK Fiesta ST 180 Drag Time of 12.63 secs with a terminal speed of 115mph who can compare..

R-Sport PRO - The Professionals Choice

Pumaspeed have been offering the very Popular R-Sport Range of intercoolers for many years and after exhaustive testing on road ,track and dyno we could see that the Efficient Bar and Plate Road version of intercooler could suffer a little from heat soak.

This New PRO 400 version uses a very High Specification Super-Lightweight Tube and Fin ' Re-Activ Core' design, this deliveries extreme heat rejection with virtually no pressure drop whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The Cooling downrecovery time is unparraleled.

The tall and wide dimensions allow for the maximum frontal area available and therefore the best cooling effect.


This unit is a direct replacement for the stock Ford intercooler, no cutting to the vehicle is required. it supports power outputs to 400 bhp which will suit all Pumaspeed X Series Hybrid Turbos and GTX Power Kits

R-Sport PRO 400 Intercooler Fiesta ST180

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