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Front Lowering -25-30mm
Rear Lowering -35-40mm

The New LEVEL Eibach Redline Special Edition Springs give the true Low stance the ST225 owner needs.
This whole new Design from Eibach will lower the car an extra 10-15mm at the rear to give that perfect squat stance that all other previous editions do not.

Why have Eibach not had these before ?
All Eibach Springs are designed and produced in Germany to meet strict TUV rules, these EC TUV rules dictate that the car must be capable of being fully loaded without causing problems before TUV approval will be fully given. Therefore all Eibach springs are designed to sit a little higherl at the rear.

So what do they lower the car ?
The Front of the car is lowered by 25-30mm to ensure perfect ground clearance whilst entering speed bumps as we found that -50mm springs like the Eibach Sportline and the H&R were too low and had a banging and crashing effect when hitting the bump stops
The Rear of the car is lowered by 35-40mm giving the perfect rear squat stance.
The spring rates have been engineered slightly higher by Eibach to create the Perfect driving experience and stop bottoming out on the bump stops.

Dont take our word for it Performance Ford Magazine did an article about them

REDLINE ST225 Special Edition Level Springs by Eibach

VAT Included

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