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Here we have spoiler risers from our friends at the design works of Distinct Designs.

These risers lift your spoiler by almost an inch but add a slight angle to give a more aggressive look to your car.

These should fit any MK1 Toyota Auris with a boot spoiler due to a shared boot lid design.

They are 3D printed using high-end ASA materials (the sort of stuff 4x4 bash plastics are made of) so are hugely strong.

In the box
4 spoiler risers
4 bolts
3 vinyl stickers to cover exposed holes.

Fitting is simple 30 mins for 1 person

Tools required
Allen keys
13mm socket
10mm socket.

- Open boot lid
- remove two blanking caps either side of the boot lid
- pop off trim from around high level brake light
- remove the four bolts holding the spoiler in place
- remove spoiler
- block unused holes on boot lid with supplied stickers
- fit the four bolts through the holes in the boot lid
- place spoiler risers onto the bolts
- loosely fit the spoiler onto the four bolts
- begin to tighten the four bolts making sure the risers winglet points to the rear of the car.

Toyota Auris Spoiler Risers

VAT Included

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