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Here we have another DRS Developed product.

These are throttle spacers that sit behind the throttle mount to lift it to be inline with the other pedals. 

Why you ask. Well lifting the pedal to an inline height makes transition between pedals alot easier as there is no need to lift your foot as high to get on the brake pedal.

This can help the time taken between transfer less.

Perfect for them emergency stops/braking monenta or the few that enjoy a spirited drive down the country lanes or on track.

We have also found that's it's a more comfortable setup for day to day driving.

They are 3D printed using solid high-end PET material (Think of durable drinks bottles and car body under bash guards etc) so are hugely strong and have unparalleled layer adhesion & therefore very high strength and durability.

They also come with the required bolts to fit.

These are hugely simple to install taking less than 10 minutes to fit. 

Created by Distinct Designs 
Developed and tested on the DRS Cornwall Auris SR over thousands of miles before release.

Toyota Auris Throttle Spacers 30mm rise

VAT Included

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